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Health-restoring in-home massage services & corporate executive office visits for women. Check out the latest children’s and teens self-awareness classes and our new pet services too!

Gift yourself a health-restoring massage or try our youth-enhancing customized skin products containing antioxidant-rich ingredients designed to leave you looking rejuvenated, restored and renewed; rendered from our own local Norwalk honeycomb for beautiful flawless skin. Effective meditation techniques and confidential health services to enhance work life, increase energy and productivity, and make a positive impact on your overall well-being.

In-Home Massage & Bodywork

60 minutes $155 | 75 minutes $175 | 90 minutes $200

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In-Home Massage & Bodywork

Offering a variety of skilled techniques and sport therapies comfortably in your own home.

60 minutes $155 | 75 minutes $175 | 90 minutes $200


Corporate Executive Office Visits For Women

Massage, energy healing, daily mediation and skin treatments. Find relief from chronic pain, tension and tightness caused by overworked muscles right in your executive office. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin and look with skin-enhancing facial or waxing by a skilled and licenced medical esthetician.

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Local Raw Propolis, Raw Honey, & Beeswax Skincare.

We farm raise our own bees in Fairfield County. My partner Michael Bagley and I have designed the finest ingredients emphasizing on anti-aging and skin brightening to give you flawless, fresh-faced skin. Propolis, an active ingredient produced in honey bees is one of the most powerful restorative ingredients in our products. It’s rarely available in its raw form. Propolis contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s famous for its super-powerful antioxidant capabilities proven to reverse damage done to your skin by pollution, UV rays and chemicals! The result is smoother, softer skin and a calm, even-tone complexion. The extraordinary benefits don’t stop there. We add extra fresh organic ingredients which are all locally grown to enhance the benefits of honey, beeswax and propolis. Restore and renew dry, tired, aging skin, and give yourself a healthier luminous glow.


  1. Anti-inflammatory

  2. Antimicrobial

  3. Antioxidant-rich

  4. Anti-aging

  5. Unclogs Pores

  6. Ultra-Conditioning

  7. Radiance-Enhancing

  8. Made Local & Fresh


Pet Services

My daughter and I work together and make an amazing team! Highly organized, thoughtful, responsive and trained.

Benefits of massage: Besides making your pet feel great, massage has been proven to “Improve health and prolong lives,” according to Amy I. Attas, V.M.D. The most specific benefits for animal massage include, lessening anxiety during triggers, promoting toxin release, removing metabolic waste from the body, increasing oxygen to the cells, improving digestive disorders, improving range of motion and help decrease pain due to issues such as hip dysplasia. Massage increases blood flow and lymph circulation which produces endorphins- natural painkillers and relaxants. Upon the completion of a pet massage therapy session, your cat or dog will experience a greater sense of wellbeing and improved general health.

I've been a licensed MT for 19 years. Director of sales and marketing and maintained my BLS, CPR & AED certifications for 18 years. I am also an athlete which is why I have the endurance to run with dogs. No matter the size!

I do dog Massages in your bath with handmade organic oatmeal ultra-conditioning wash.
Typically 30 min $64

Dog Walk 15 min $25
Dog Walk 25 min $32
Dog Walk 30 min $38
Dog Run (5 min slow start and 5 min cool down) 30 min $58

I customize home Visits. Everyone has different needs.


Self Awareness For Children & Teens

“The true key to happiness and well-being isn’t wealth or fame – it lies within us. Like all other genuine spiritual paths, Buddhism teaches that the more you give to others, the more you gain. It also encourages awareness of interconnectedness and appreciation of all the little gifts that life offers us, all contained within this present moment. As our concern and compassion for others expands, our personal fulfillment gradually increases in sync. As a Zen master might say, if you seek inner peace you won’t be able to find it, but the act of giving up the idea of such a reward in itself – and focusing instead on others’ happiness – creates the possibility for lasting peace. This is truly the spiritual dimension of Zen.” - Mindworks.

The goal is to help to teach children and teenagers develop self-awareness, kindness, and a sense of interconnectedness with beings and our environment. I do this through the practice of zen meditation and age-appropriate art, music, games, and outdoor activities.

Sessions are 60 min.


Lifestyle Counseling

Whether you are preparing for change, or want lost passion back into your relationship, I can help provide the positive reinforcement and support you need. Perhaps you have health and fitness goals or you want to become a stronger person, or, maybe you want to gain clarity on a certain matter or purpose - whatever your case maybe - the biggest risk you can take, is not doing anything at all.

In a world that frowns upon vulnerability, it can be difficult to find privacy and support. Confidentiality and the goals we set together are always my #1 priority.

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Chair Massage

1) Sporting Events – While athletes are prime candidates for massage, it can be a challenge encouraging them to visit your medical practice. High level sporting competitions are the perfect venue for setting up a massage chair! Let our highly skilled staff promote your business and beneficial services!

2) Expos, Shows and Conventions – Typically housed in large, sprawling spaces, these events require people to be on their feet or in a chair all day long. Perfect exposure for massage and reaching large audiences!

3) Business & Corporate Offices - Benefits include increased productivity and retention rates, decreased absenteeism and ergonomic-related injuries, and lowered employee stress levels.

4) Implement A Wellness Program In Your Company - Keep your employees feeling energetic, productive, and feeling good about themselves and their career.


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